About Anfield Trailers

Front photo of Anfield Stadium, Liverpool

The owner of Anfield Trailers is originally from a small town outside of Liverpool, England. He came to the United States to build a life with his wife,  whom he met while on vacation to the States. They now have a growing family and roots deeply planted in Lacombe and Southern Louisiana.

Drive, passion, and persistence are what fuels his business and what makes it so unique. He decided this business should carry a piece of home with him, with the same integrity that matches his business model, hence the name Anfield was chosen.

Anfield Stadium's Football Field, Liverpool

To most Anfield is just a football stadium to the famous football/soccer team that resides in Liverpool, England.

To us, Anfield screams the slogan and chant, "You'll Never Walk Alone."

At Anfield, no customer will ever leave without the customer service and reliability they came in for when they visit our store. We look forward to working with you and hope you appreciate the business we work hard to build.